Expiration dating of repackaged medications

(ii) Includes reference sources appropriate to the type of pharmacy practice at that particular location.

(6) An adequate reference library which meets the following standards: (i) Enables a pharmacy to prepare and dispense prescriptions properly, consistent with its scope of practice.

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(iii) A drug which varies from the strength and purity indicated on the label of the commercial container. (2) Drugs which have been removed from active stock in accordance with this subsection may not be sold or given away.

(ii) A drug which does not meet legal standards of strength and purity. (vi) A drug which is unfit, misbranded or adulterated under Federal or State statutes.

The original prescription or image of the original prescription shall be retained for 2 years from the date of the most recent filling.

(2) Prescription files for keeping prescriptions of nonproprietary drugs in accordance with the act and, for controlled substance prescriptions, State and Federal laws and regulations.

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The pharmacist manager and the pharmacy technician shall date and sign the protocol and each amendment to the protocol. (b) Drugs which must be removed from active stock shall be removed in accordance with the following provisions: (1) The pharmacist manager is responsible for removing from the active stock of the pharmacy and disposing of the following: (i) A drug whose expiration date has passed. A central processing center is not required to maintain ,000 worth of nonproprietary drugs and devices under § 27.203(b) (relating to centralized prescription processing). (vi) Enter prescription, drug order or patient information in a patient profile. After the parenteral product or other medication has been prepared, the supervising pharmacist shall initial the label of the product or medication to document his final inspection and to accept total responsibility for its preparation.

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