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Because of this, my parents offered to pay the difference in cost between a two- and three-bedroom apartment. is so funny that I don't want to get out of my car when I get to work.

My mom transferred the money to me in one lump sum earlier this year, so although I pay more monthly than my brother does, we will have effectively paid the same amount over the course of our lease. Student Loans: I don't have any student loans thanks to scholarships in undergrad and parents in grad school. I eventually do go into the office and make myself coffee from the free Starbucks coffee machine in the break room.

I'm able to get a little more sleep before my alarm goes off.12 p.m.

— I have a busy and productive morning at work, and one of my coworkers invites me to join a group going out to lunch.

I also grab a waffle with butter and chocolate chips and a cup of Greek yogurt.

We decide to start paying off the highest-interest loans first, and I make the first payment at my desk between sips of orange juice that I got from the Waffle House catering.

— My brother's kitten scratches at my door, so I let her in.

She immediately starts play-fighting with my cat, so I kick them both out and close the door.

Although I packed a lunch today, I accept the invite.

Since I'm still relatively new here, I take every opportunity to socialize with and get to know my coworkers, both during and outside of work.

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